Who do your customers or clients think you are?  Who do they expect you to be?

I can help you answer those questions and build an effective brand persona, a relatable character who embodies your brand’s mission, values and attributes.

Why does persona matter?  Because people respond to it.

In “The Media Equation” (1996) social psychologists Clifford Nass & Byron Reeves demonstrated that people react to simulated personalities the same way they react to other people.

That’s why a persona who reflects the best of your brand is crucial to building good relationships with your customers.

I’ve created branded voice personas for a regional power company, a cellular phone network, a major insurance carrier and a national pharmacy chain, among others.

They’re not just people customers can relate to. They deliver results: more users, higher CSAT numbers, fast ROI and long-term savings.

Meet two of them.

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