Case Studies – Persona

A national pharmacy chain wanted its IVR system to be more efficient for repeat customers, and make them feel recognized and welcomed.

A public utility in the South wanted more customers to resolve issues through its IVR system, without sacrificing the personal, hometown touch that was a hallmark of its brand identity. 

Both clients needed personas who conveyed competence and expertise with warmth and compassion. 

Research with customers, agents and marketing teams generated attributes and characteristics for each persona. The challenge was making them fully realized in a vivid, memorable way.  The solution was to let them introduce themselves in distinctive personal monologues, stories in their own words that reveal who they are and what they care about.

The monologues were valuable sales tools, demonstrating the value of a vocal identity that reflects the essence of a brand. They also became essential touchstones for voice talent, helping them keep the persona’s tone and character consistent through multiple recording sessions.

Here’s Lee Ann, a nurse practitioner at a walk-in clinic. 

Here’s Ella, a billing agent at a power company.

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