My mother said I was speaking in complete sentences at 18 months.  I wound up doing it for a living.

I’ve spent my career putting words together in compelling ways: telling clients’ stories, influencing customers and entertaining audiences.

At Lowe/Marschalk and Foote, Cone and Belding, I managed advertising and strategic development on accounts ranging from DEP personal care products to Clorox cleaning brands.  Some of the most interesting work I did was on brand identity, learning how consumers perceived companies in personal terms and how those perceptions influenced buying decisions.  I saw how people responded to brands that met emotional needs, and I realized the value of a well-crafted brand story.

That experience was valuable as I transitioned from account management to creative work as a copywriter and voice talent.  I’ve worked with a wide range of commercial, industrial and non-profit clients, putting marketing messages into language that’s natural, conversational and meaningful.

I’ve also partnered with leaders in the speech technology industry to create customer-friendly VUI’s.  For Voice Partners LLC and VoxGen, I’ve created branded personas, edited prompts for character and consistency, coached voice talent and lent my own voice to regional and national systems.

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